Nation Apparently Believed in Science at Some Point

Historians studying archival photographs from four decades ago have come to the conclusion that the U.S. must have believed in science at some point.

Read more… (beautiful typography too).

CSC “mini” event

As you may have seen, we at LDC Towers, together with esteemed colleagues at The Turtle Partnership are looking to run a second Collaboration Stack Community event, this time a “mini” session, taking an evening slot on the 16th July.

As before, there will be two tracks or themes to the event, and your participation is encouraged, nay mandatory!

The details: CSCEvent Evening event this July. Do take a look at the post, and register if you are interested. As ever, it’s free!


I am writing this post in Github’s new “hackable” programming editor, Atom. It’s pretty nifty, and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. For general mark-up and the like it has supplanted the old main-stay, Coda 2, which has been having some issues for a little while now (frankly, it tries to be too many things). Whether I shall ditch Sublime Text as well (which Atom is very similar to, in terms of looks and core functionality), remains to be seen.

Time will tell as to which editor wins… How about you? Have you checked out Atom yet?

Read more: Atom Is Now Open Source.


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