How to write a blog post

There’s a lot of writing out there which I really enjoy at the moment (reading more than ever nowadays). One site that I only started following relatively recently is Wil Wheaton’s. No idea what took me so long. I rather enjoyed this little snippet in his latest post:

Stephen King says that writing is a form of time travel, and I’ll take that a step further: a bookstore or library is a portal to anywhere in the multiverse; it’s Sigil made real.

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A new path

My, it has been a busy few months (as you can tell from how dark this site has been). In addition to normal client assignments, we at LDC Towers have been beavering away with a new product, which we call LDC Via. You should definitely check it out.

At this stage the app is in active development, and we’re looking to sign up willing beta testers. The tool can be run on premises or in the cloud—you can see a pared-down version of the cloud offering running as part of our demo app—and we hope to be actively marketing this tool before the end of the year.

For those of you interested, technically there’s quite a lot going on in there:

  • node.js
  • MongoDb
  • express
  • jade
  • Domino Data Services
  • A REST API for Via

Good fun, and a great development experience if you’ve not tried this stuff before. Keep your eye on the LDC Via blog for more in the coming weeks.

(We’ve also got a Facebook page along with LinkedIn and of course, twitter).

On Kate Bush

I do not have the body of work in my past that she has—but to see a mature woman create something so idiosyncratic, risk it all in the public view and then triumph on her own terms is a joy.

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Hear, hear. Off to see Kate Bush in less than two weeks, and cannot wait!


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